Paolo Gargiulo is the director of the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering and the Icelandic center of Neurophysiology and manages the center of Medical Technology at the University Hospital Landspitali/ Reykjavik University. He studied at TU Wien and finished his PhD in 2008. Paolo interests and expertise are mostly in: Medical Image processing, Neuroengineering, 3-D printing and Medical technologies. He developed at Landspitali a 3D-Printing service to support surgical planning with over 200 operation planned with a significant impact on the Icelandic health care system and and he currently cooperate with institutions in Italy and UK to establish similar infrastructures.  

He has published 55 papers in peer reviewed international journals, several chapters in academic books and presented his work in many international conferences and workshops. Since January 2019 Paolo is leading the Icelandic time in the EU project-RESTORE working in the development for the 1st European Database of patient-specific anatomical models for condyle lesions.