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The RESTORE Project is built upon constructive discussions between orthopaedic surgeons, tissue-engineers, material scientists, cell biologists, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to co-design an effective approach to manage the specific unmet clinical needs to treat knee chondral lesions.

Societal and economic burden associated to Osteoarthritis (OA). *Estimates of prevalence on populations of adults with OA. **Globally. ***Estimated in U.S. per patient (2013). ****Maffulli, N. et al Br Med Bull 97:47-80 (2011)

Chondral lesions constitute one of the major extrinsic risk factors for Osteoarthritis (OA) leading to important societal and economic burden. OA is a highly prevalent condition that can result in disabling pain and loss of physical function. Furthermore, increase competitiveness in sports activities increases the incidence of chondral injuries in athletes, which in turn propels the demand for cartilage repair products. RESTORE proposes innovative stimuli-responsive nanoenabled 3D matrices for an effective therapeutic repair of defects in articular cartilage