New database of patient anatomical models from different chondral lesions under construction

A database (clDB) of patient-specific anatomical models from different chondral lesions is under construction at Reykjavik University, Institute Of Biomedical and Neural Engineering:

The RESTORE database will be available for consultation using a web app developed with Python Flask library and designed with the non-relational database MongoDB. The main purpose of the database is to provide guidelines for patient-specific bio-printing design and will provide access to analytics, pictures, video and 3D reconstructions of cartilage and bone based on Computed tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance images (MR) from patients suffering from degenerative and traumatic chondral lesions. The Icelandic Bioethics committee has released the permission to scan the patient’s knees in March 2019 and since then data are being acquired at University Hospital Landspitali.