RESTORE partners participated in NanoMedEurope 2019 in Braga

Several RESTORE partners attended NanoMedEurope 2019 in Braga, Portugal ( Bruno Sarmento from INEB introduced RESTORE project in a session with other nanomedicine projects, while RESTORE partners contributed with oral talks and posters from their research activities.

NanoMedEurope 2019 and the General Assembly of the European Technology Platform in Nanomedicine were co-organized by ETPN and INL and were the largest nanomedicine conference in Europe this summer with approx. 250 attendees from academia and industry. ETPN/NME2019 was a vibrant arena for scientific inspiration and networking and very well-suited to showcase and present RESTORE and discuss various aspects with many of the attendees. It was of particular interest that a number of talks and posters described nano-enabled medical devices.