Stability – The Enemy of Joint Health

The global Covid-19 outspread has changed the lives of many. The pandemic has forced us to stay at home and work remotely – we are pretty much glued to our screens from nine-to-five. No more walking to work or to crab lunch, nor just walking to a colleague’s workstation for tossing ideas.  We stay voluntarily immobile and for the sake of our joint health, this is a disaster. For joint health, mobility is the key.  As the RESTORE project is aiming to create advanced joint health treatment options, we wish to remind everyone to take care of their joints. Preventing aching knees might not feel the most important thing to focus during this peculiar health crisis, but it’s good to remember that this pandemic will end, and we all wish to be in good health when life returns to normal. And being able to move pain-free, is a huge part of good health. So, get up, move around the house while speaking on the phone, stretch and jump whenever you have the change. This is not always easy to remember or execute but now is the time to be creative.

Let’s take the effort to stay mobile at these difficult times so we will have the change to be mobile once we are able to do it more freely and outside of our house.

The RESTORE team wishes you to stay safe, stay healthy and stay mobile!