Unique scalable Brinter™ bioprinting platform is being developed towards cartilage bioprinting

3DTech Oy, a Finnish SME partner in RESTORE, has developed and brought to the global market a unique modular 3D bioprinting platform, Brinter™ (

Although 3D bioprinting of human body parts still sounds like science fiction, it may well become a reality in the near future. Already, bioprinters, like Brinter™, can be used in a variety of applications, such as a versatile tool for biomaterial development, as well as in basic research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine conducted at universities and research institutes. Furthermore, our mission during RESTORE project is to improve the performance of the 3D bioprinting process by testing and integrating new print heads into our Brinter™ bioprinting platform. Special attention will be given on the improvement of the printing resolution and post-printing cell viability in order to achieve a feasible method to manufacture cartilage microtissues by bioprinting from various nanoenabled bioink formulations.