Successful mechanical characterization of the COPLA® Scaffold for cartilage replacement

The BIOMOMENTUM testing machine has been successfully employed by ULM University to perform a mechanical mapping of the complete COPLA® Scaffold surface.

Peak loads in the human knee joint can increase by up to six-fold body weight during daily activities, like e. g. climbing stairs. In the frame of the RESTORE project, the COPLA® Scaffold will be implanted in a high-demanding cartilage defect. Therefore, it has to withstand such high mechanical loads. To investigate the initial mechanical competence of the COPLA® Scaffold prior to its implantation, Dr. Svenja Stein and Dr. Daniela Warnecke have successfully performed a mechanical characterization of the complete scaffold surface using the BIOMOMENTUM multiaxial testing machine.


The kick-off meeting of RESTORE project took place on the 11th and 12th of February 2019 in Porto, Portugal, hosted by the project coordinator Meriem Lamghari (INEB). The Project officially started on January 1st 2019 with the collaboration of 10 partners from 8 European countries.

During its 44 months’ (3,6 years) duration, the Continue reading