RESTORE project @ Nordic Baltic Conference 2020 in Reykjavik

The 18th Nordic Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 2020 will take place in the new building of Reykjavik University, from 17th to 20th of September 2020.

The conference will feature some outstanding keynote lectures, live demonstrations and workshops on Biomedical engineering topics such as Tissue Engineering, Biomechanics, Medical imaging and E-Health. The congress will dedicate an entire chapter to the RESTORE project, where the recent findings will be presented and discussed with colleagues and experts from the NBC scientific community.

The University is located in an attractive surrounding at the cost of Fossvogur, only about 100 m away from a beach heated up with warm Geyser water. Reykjavik is the place where the Vikings from Norway first settled in Iceland in the year 871.  It has a rich history and lively city centre. Icelandic nature has much to offer.  The volcano island is known for its picturesque mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs.  Here you will find the original “Geysir” a name which has been adopted many languages. Wildlife is also rich on and around Iceland.  Birds are in a huge variety, whales watching is a popular attraction and rivers are full of salmon and trout.  Icelanders are the posterity of Vikings that populated the island around 1100 years ago.  Rich sagas and culture is worthwhile. And at last but not least you can enjoy the northern lights in this period of the year around solstices. 

There is an open call for abstracts and paper specific for the RESTORE chapter on the NBC 2020 website. The submission system will be held open for RESTORE members for the next two weeks. Here you can find the link for the submission: