Askel Healthcare is seeking for new talents to join the team

The project partner Askel Healthcare, a Finnish start-up, is seeking of multiple new talents to join their team. Askel’s vision is to provide everyone a good quality life free of pain. A good quality life is a life where you are not restricted by your body to do things you love. Askel aim to offer the best treatment option for early cartilage regeneration to prevent further joint degradation and osteoarthritis. Askel do not stop at treating symptoms; they go a step further and provide truly regenerative solutions for the long-term benefit of the patients.

“Askel Healthcare’s unique technology rebuilds damaged joint surfaces for pain-free movement. With our implantable medical device solution, patients can quickly regain normal levels of activity free of pain. The drive, competence and dedication of our people make us unique. Positive attitude towards life in its all shapes and colors – is the core value we live by.” – The Askel team

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